AI + X Summit / InCube Final 2021

3 flagship events under one roof uniting students, startups, professors, and professionals

AI + X Summit  InCube Final 2021

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary since the foundation of the ETH AI Center, the AI+X Summit will present a platform to exchange, discuss and connect with the ETH AI Center Faculty and Community.

Get to know the entrepreneurial ecosystem at Launch!

Launch by ETH Entrepreneur Club embraces all the three foundational pillars –inspire, educate, accelerate– of the ETH EC in one single flagship event. On the 15th of October 2021 at Stage One Oerlikon, the vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem of ETH, Zürich, and beyond will be made tangible and reachable to those that dare to dream – and do it.

Meet the next generation of entrepreneurs at the InCube final event!

5 days in a glass cube, 1 challenge to solve. You’ll be in Switzerland, South Africa, and the USA with one goal: prototype a solution to a problem that matters.

The 4th generation of InCube has once again gone international, spanning the globe with student teams on an entrepreneurial mission. Witness the next generation of entrepreneurs pitch their projects at the final event - exclusively at Launch 2021.


  • 700+ Participants
  • 20+ Booths of partners, startups, NGOs, NPOs
  • 15+ Workshops and Panels
  • 1 Global Innovation Challenge: InCube Challenge 2021.

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