Annual Report Greater Zurich Area 2022

Annual Report 2022

Innovation and value creation:
108 settlements in the Zurich economic region

The year 2022 stands for diversity, innovation, and stability. The Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) has accompanied 108 settlement projects in 2022. The economic area has coped well with challenges such as the war in Ukraine, rising inflation, energy shortages, and the shortage of skilled talent. Stable framework conditions and a high level of innovation are, among other factors, reasons that companies have settled here. From the point of view of location marketing, the figures represent continuity.

Particularly noteworthy is the development that new technologies, such as robotics, AI, or blockchain, are increasingly being used in previously traditional industries such as food, life science, and in the construction industry. Industries are becoming more and more intertwined and can thus benefit from each other. GZA considers this development to be positive: it leads to renewal and diversification within the economic area and thus increases the resilience of the location.

Diversity in the ecosystem

We target companies that operate responsibly and cooperatively in the GZA ecosystem – those who understand that long-term success means more than just annual sales and growth. We want to attract companies that enrich the ecosystem with creativity and talent.

In 2022, GZA and its partners located 108 foreign companies in the nine cantons of the Greater Zurich Area.

Annual Report 2022 Key Figures EN GZA

More technology - fewer jobs

Switzerland is a cost-intensive location when compared internationally. This, paired with global economic trends, means that companies are focusing on new technologies and the consistent automation of processes. The number of newly created jobs in Switzerland is on a downward trend. Learn more about the development of settlements in the Greater Zurich Area in the EY Report 2022

Annual Report 2022 More Technology, less job creation
Circular economy Greater Zurich Area

Circular economy: Now we're talking!

The global demand for raw materials could be covered by only 70 percent of the resources currently used – if they were used more wisely. The federal government is adapting the environmental protection law, and the circular economy is becoming a game changer. Discover pioneering circular economy initiatives in the Greater Zurich Area in the annual report 2022.

Consumption too high

We consume too many resources, recycle too little, and do not save at all. This leads to too large a resource footprint, which harms the environment and biodiversity.

Circular economy as a necessity

Europe must use resources wisely to tackle the climate crisis and promote innovation and prosperity. 60 percent of CO2 emissions are due to resource extraction & processing.

Potential is huge

Only a small proportion of resources are reused (7.2 percent). Yet the world's needs could be met with fewer resources (70 percent).

Sensible business models

A fundamental change in behavior requires economically and ecologically sensible business models that can also serve as role models internationally.

Digitalization as a role model

Circular economy is a sensible business perspective that, like digitalization, can promote innovation and prosperity.

New companies are providing important impetus for innovation. Topics such as sustainability and the circular economy are becoming even more important.
Sonja Wollkopf Walt, Geschäftsführerin Greater Zurich Area AG
Sonja Wollkopf Walt - Managing Director, Greater Zurich Area Ltd.

New players in the ecosystem

The settlement of innovative companies with high added value is important for the economic region and supports the necessary structural change. A selection.

Digitization on construction sites

Digitization on construction sites

In Zurich, Toggle Robotics focuses on developing advanced robotic vision systems and cloud-based 3D modeling tools for robotic reinforcement assembly.

The company is in the early stages of expanding production: from the United States to Europe. It is getting started in Switzerland. Toggle Robotics aims to speed up construction processes, reduce costs and increase safety. Toggle Robotics' goal is a more efficient construction industry driven by automation.

Toggle in the Greater Zurich Area

Data center boom in Switzerland

Data center boom in Switzerland

Amazon Web Services, a subsidiary of US giant Amazon, is expanding into the Greater Zurich Area. The long-term investment improves technological services and creates and maintains jobs.

Switzerland now is home to 86 data centers, up from 70 just five years ago. No country in Europe - except the Netherlands - has so many data centers per capita. Crypto, cloud gaming, and metaverse are developments that will require significantly more computing power in the future.

Amazon Web Services in the Greater Zurich Area

The best-funded AI startup in the world

The best-funded AI startup in the world

SambaNova Systems is a fast-growing computing unicorn based in Palo Alto, California. Founded in 2017, it builds advanced machine learning and Big Data analytics platforms and hardware to optimize the performance of complex data processing. To date, the company has raised $1.1 billion (valuation $5 billion) from venture capitalists including SoftBank Vision Fund, BlackRock, and Intel Capital.

SambaNova is establishing a presence in Europe and has already hired more than 10 people in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom. The race for the European headquarters is still open.

SambaNova in the Greater Zurich Area

Fight against hepatitis B, influenza A, HIV and tuberculosis

Fight against hepatitis B, influenza A, HIV and tuberculosis

Vir Biotechnology develops therapies to treat and prevent severe infectious diseases. In 2021, the Swiss biotech industry played an important role in combating the Covid pandemic.

Two Swiss companies partnered to develop effective Covid-specific therapeutics: Ticino-based Humabs BioMed/Vir Biotechnology and Zurich-based Molecular Partners.

Teaser Vir Technology

Innovation hub Greater Zurich Area

Innovation hub Greater Zurich Area

Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area in particular are world leaders in research, knowledge, and innovation. The established exchange between academic institutions and the private sector as well as access to highly qualified specialists make the Greater Zurich Area an innovation hub.

Innovation Hotspot Greater Zurich Area

Our claim

Location marketing means development with responsibility. What we understand by this.

Smart growth

Qualitative growth is not an illusion. We believe in the power of a dynamic environment and cross-divisional collaboration.

Code of conduct

Neither prohibitions nor renunciations are drivers of qualitative growth. It is economically and ecologically sensible business models.

ESG criteria in focus

GZA Ltd. regularly reviews its business model and value chains for profitability, environmental and social compatibility.

Cooperation with myclimate

Since 2019, GZA Ltd. has been a climate-neutral company by offsetting its CO₂ emissions. We support the high moor renaturation in the Schwändital in the canton of Glarus.

Common goal

GZA is a founding member of the initiative. The circular economy is a systemic approach to the way we use resources and create value in our economy.

Taking on responsibility together

As a member of Sustainable Switzerland, GZA is committed to topics such as climate protection, circular economy, decarbonization, and society.

Partners carry responsibility

We maintain a settlement policy focused on quality. ESG criteria are to play an increasingly important role in the targeted approach of companies.

Quality of life as a location factor

We are well aware that the quality of life in the Greater Zurich Area business region is a key location factor and competitive advantage.

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