Barandun AG

Barandun AG is a dynamic and active business law and tax consultancy with offices in Zurich and Zug.

Our team of highly qualified attorneys and certified tax experts provide top quality legal and tax services for companies and indivuduals. We combine our two strengths to analyze the cases from the legal and tax aspects at the outset. In addition, we have a highly dedicated work ethic and entrepreneu­rial spirit. We are committed to providing the best possible service, which is tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs in an efficient, ethical, and cost-effective manner.

Most of our clients are foreigners so our team has broad international experience, acquired in dealing with international and complex issues in the Americas, Europe and Asia. What makes foreign clients have preference in choosing Barandun AG? When serving the foreign clients, we do not just contemplate the complex issues but also understand the subtle cultural difference in business.

«Based on our very positive experience obtained from attending different forms of the activities held by the GZA in the past, we think our law firm has the same mindset and momentum on how to develop the business activities of the area. In that connection, our law firm feels honored to have the opportunity to contribute constructively and positively to the dynamic GZA team.»

Remy Bärlocher, Attorney at Law LL.M. , Certified Tax Expert, Partner


Managing Partner
Stefan Wiesli

Greater China Practice Lead, Tax Practice Partner
Remy Bärlocher

Greater China Practice Chinese-Speaking Senior Advisor
Rachel Chiao

Core Competencies
  • Company set-up and Relocations
  • Mergers & Acquisitions; Restructuring
  • Litigation, Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Tax Planning & Optimization
  • Private Client Services
  • Notarial Services (in cooperation with Eric von Graffenried Notariat)
  • Languages: German, French, English, Russian, Chinese

+41 44 254 59 59
8:45 am
+1 415 655 1045
8:45 am
+86 21 6235 1889
8:45 am

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