First Names Group

First Names Group provides companies considering an investment in the Greater Zurich Area with a wide range of professional corporate services. In addition to location comparison consulting, the Group offers entity formation, accounting, tax compliance, corporate governance, director, employment, treasury and related services.

Our clients are multinational companies and range from those expanding internationally for the first time to Fortune 500 companies. We recognize that one size does not fit all, and take the time to understand the individual needs of our clients. We take pride in helping them achieve their objectives by providing tailored services.

Above all we are a people business.

«Joining GZA’s partner network formalises our recognition of the many benefits that the Greater Zurich Area has to offer potential investors, as well as our commitment to supporting the long-term competitiveness of the Swiss economic landscape.»

Tony Rinderer, Managing Director, First Names Group in Zurich

Vision statement

We believe our people focused Group will deliver superior client service.


Managing Director, Zurich
Tony Rinderer

Director of Client Services, Europe
Paul Spiering

Director, Zurich and Geneva
Frederique Meyer

Managing Director, USA
Gene White

Facts and figures


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