Zurich Chamber of Commerce

The Zurich Chamber of Commerce is a business association covering the cantons of Zurich, Schaffhausen and Zug. It promotes the economic policy interests of companies in its catchment area across all industry sectors and represents them in dealings with politicians, the general public and other associations.

The Zurich Chamber of Commerce is represented on regional, national and international committees and comments on current economic policy issues. It helps to encourage better understanding of economic interrelationships via targeted media activities and work on education policy. As well as representing the interests of its members, the Zurich Chamber of Commerce plays a very tangible role in supporting the economy. It verifies export documents and issues customs guarantees in accordance with federal law and international agreements.

It also provides training and consultancy for companies, particularly in the area of customs formalities. In collaboration with other chambers of commerce, it offers international arbitration services (Swiss Rules of International Arbitration).

«Zurich needs to remain attractive and competitive as a business location. Working in partnership with business, the activities of the Zurich Chamber of Commerce help to ensure that companies will find a good business environment here. It is just as important to offer a competitive tax regime as it is to offer a good transport infrastructure or excellent educational establishments.»

Dr. Regine Sauter, Director of the Zurich Chamber of Commerce

Mission Statement

The Zurich Chamber of Commerce acts as the link between the state and business. It campaigns for a liberal and free-market business environment as a way of promoting our economy's positioning both domestically and abroad.



Dr. Regine Sauter

Dr. Karin Lenzlinger

Lukas Gähwiler
Dr. Markus Neuhaus



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