Canton of Glarus

The Canton of Glarus is business-friendly.

Thanks to one of the first Swiss business development laws, the Canton of Glarus industrial region has become an attractive place for business with many advantages. The most important ones are:

  • Person-to-person: Glarnerland is big enough to offer companies sufficient room and small enough to allow quick decisions unburdened by bureaucracy. 
  • Good advice isn't expensive: The Office of Economic Matters supports entrepreneurs who are founding a business just as much as established companies who want to settle here. 
  • Quality of life over money: In the canton of Glarus, companies can find affordable real estate and well-trained employees. Companies benefit from competitive labor costs and taxes.
  • Everything is close: Glarnerland has very good transportation links. Zurich and its airport are only one hour away by car or train, the most important north-south axis runs through the canton, and private planes and helicopters take off and land in Mollis.



Industrial Site Jenny Areal

Industrial Site Jenny Areal

Your connected gateway to industrial success. Over 8 acres of industrial land, within 1-hour accessability to the Zurich Airport.

Industrial Site Jenny Areal in Glarus, Greater Zurich Area
Greater Zurich is the economic driver of Switzerland. The GZA is an organization that credibly promotes the unique advantages of our region abroad. The canton of Glarus, with its rich industrial tradition and natural beauty, sees itself as part of it. We are glad to be able to help shape the GZA's appearance.
Marianne Lienhard - Government Councillor, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs and Internal Affairs

More public partners

More public partners

The Greater Zurich Area Foundation and the operational Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) are supported by 11 public partners. This anchors the organization in the regional business spheres within the economic area from which settling companies benefit.

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