Canton of Schwyz

Looking for a business location offering optimal opportunities for success? If so, then plan your future in the Canton of Schwyz.

The canton has so much to offer, particularly:

  • Ideal location in the dynamic Zurich economic area
  • A wide range of highly qualified employees
  • One of Switzerland's lowest tax burdens

The canton’s economic policies are tailored to companies who generate high added value, create high-quality jobs and work in harmony with the environment.   

The Canton Schwyz has become an attractive destination for companies out of the financehealth technology industries and blockchain/ artificial intelligence as well as for international headquarters. It caters equally towards service enterprises and manufacturers of high-quality products.  

Thanks to the accelerated creation of clusters, companies have access to sector-specific know-how, innovation potential and proven technologies. All firms can benefit from the canton's superb infrastructure and international orientation. Canton Schwyz also assumes an active role in the field of knowledge and technology transfer.   

Our pristine environment, excellent schools and wide-ranging cultural, leisure and recreational opportunities guarantee a high standard of living. It is therefore no wonder that businesses and individuals are increasingly choosing to live and work in Canton Schwyz.  

Canton of Schwyz. Video: Office for Economy, Canton Schwyz.


  • Predominant industries
    Life science, finance, information, and communications technology, machinery, headquarters, blockchain / artificial intelligence 
  • Flagship companies
    Estée Lauder, Man Investments, Kühne + Nagel, Briggs & Stratton, Victorinox, Palantir, BASF Agro, DuPont, IKEA, Johnson Controls 
  • Recent additions
    Pfisterer Switzerland, 2Xideas,, Trinseo, 3Brain, Oro de Cacao, Flex Presicion Plastics Solutions, Hedera / The Hashgraph Association


The Greater Zurich Area AG effectively promotes the important economic region of Zurich - especially in the global economic markets. It also carries the many advantages of the Canton of Schwyz as an attractive business and residential location out into the world.
Petra Steimen Rickenbacher, Canton of Schwyz
Petra Steimen-Rickenbacher - Government Councillor of the Canton of Schwyz, Head of the Department of Economic Affairs

Industrial Campus Fänn Future: Your Environment for Inspiration

Industrial Campus Fänn Future: Your Environment for Inspiration

The campus offers large-scale and flexible space structure for offices, R&D, and production on over 9 acres (36,400m2).

Teaser Industrial Campus Faenn Future Schwyz

More public partners

More public partners

The Greater Zurich Area Foundation and the operational Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) are supported by 11 public partners. This anchors the organization in the regional business spheres within the economic area from which settling companies benefit.

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