Lugano, Kanton Tessin

Canton of Ticino

Located just south of the beautiful Swiss Alps, Canton Ticino is the Italian-speaking region of Switzerland.

Ticino's strategic geographic position represents a bridge between northern and southern Europe and two of the strongest and most dynamic economic areas in Europe: Lombardy – with Milan at its heart – and Zurich.

Canton Ticino harmoniously unites the Swiss accuracy and reliability with the Italian flexibility, resulting in an excellent combination of creativity and sound economic development.  

Thanks to the mild climate and the attractive landscapes, Ticino is one of the main touristic locations in Switzerland, but at the same time it showcases a wide array of business activities:  

  • Lugano is the third largest finance market in Switzerland
  • a solid industrial sector with export-oriented SMEs especially in the fields of life sciences, mechanics and electronics
  • home of several headquarters of MNCs, especially in the fashion industry  

The economic success is based on:  

  • the advantages of the “Swiss system” (i.e. stability, security, flexibility, etc.)
  • strategic geographical location between the metropolitan areas of Zurich and Milan
  • top notch research institutes ready to collaborate with companies  

Furthermore, the local authorities are equipped to advise and support business ventures at their various stages.


  • Predominant industries
    Life sciences, fashion, mechatronic, information and communications technology
  • Flagship companies
    Helsinn Healthcare SA, Humabs BioMed SA, VF International Sagl, Agie Charmilles SA, Avaloq Sourcing (Switzerland & Liechtenstein) SA
  • Recent additions
    UBS Business Solution Center for the research of application of AI in finance, Peptone 


Featured initiatives

Lugano's Plan ₿ is a joint initiative between the City of Lugano and Tether to accelerate the use of and leverage bitcoin technology as the foundation to transform the city’s financial infrastructure.

The plan will scale blockchain and Bitcoin throughout the city to positively impact all facets of daily life for the residents of Lugano. From small transactions with local merchants to more significant efforts – such as paying annual taxes – blockchain will serve as the foundation for the city’s financial exchanges.

More public partners

More public partners

The Greater Zurich Area Foundation and the operational Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) are supported by 11 public partners. This anchors the organization in the regional business spheres within the economic area from which settling companies benefit.

Public Private Partnerships Overview

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