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Cham Group real estate company focuses on the development of the Papieri site in the center of Cham on Lake Zug.

Papieri-Areal leben am Fluss


This area is the location of the former paper factory, which produced paper for over 350 years. The relocation of the production and the sale of the paper division created space for new developments on the eleven-hectare site. Over the next few years, Cham Group will develop a new district with 1,000 apartments and 1,000 jobs, step by step. 

The Papieri site will be developed using various architectural styles: characteristics of existing buildings will keep the link to the past, while a series of striking modern buildings will be added, including five high-rise buildings with impressive views, to complete the picture. The new district will offer an attractive mix of living, working and public spaces.  The energy supply of the Papieri site will be CO2 neutral. The site will use locally generated and renewable energy thanks to its own run-of-river power plant and the use of solar energy for electricity generation, as well as geothermal probes and river water from the river Lorze for heating and cooling.

Thanks to its integrated business model, Cham Group covers the entire life cycle of its properties from development and construction to management and value retention. The company can generate further growth by acquiring additional development and investment properties in the region. In a first step, the Pavatex site next to the Papieri site was acquired, which will also be developed in the long term. The shares of Cham Group are traded ex-stock exchange.

Cham Group


A district in the center of Cham. The mix of characteristic existing and new modern buildings as well as the work and living spaces combined with the sustainable aspects make the Papieri-Areal a place with a very high quality of life. In this way, we help strengthen the attractiveness of Greater Zurich.
Andreas Friedrich CEO Cham Group
Andreas Friederich - CEO Cham Group

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