Evernote creates a modern workspace that gives people the tools they need to achieve more every day. Evernote apps and products help people write, find, collect and present everything that is important to them, wherever they are and on whatever device they use. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, Evernote is an independent, privately held company.

Evernote was founded in 2007 and its products reach more than 100 million users worldwide. In 2011, Evernote expanded into Zurich. Located in the heart of the city, the team at Evernote Zurich has grown to more than 20 employees as of today. Evernote's General Manager for EMEA, Cristina Riesen, explains why Evernote chose Zurich and how Evernote Zurich works.  

What exactly is being done in the Evernote Zurich office?

Cristina Riesen: The focus of the team at Evernote Zurich is development, marketing and sales. Half of the team have been hands on developing an important new feature of our core product, presentation mode. This is something we are very proud of because it is made in Zurich, and it shows to which extent it is important for a company like us to benefit from global talents that can be found here.

Why did Evernote come to Zurich?

We decided to come to Zurich because it is a fantastic place to live and work. The infrastructure works super well and it is easy to set up your business. It was also a question of having access to an amazing pool of talent with the technical universities close by. ETH in Zurich and Lausanne are ranked as top technical universities around the world. And for us it's great to establish relationships with these universities and get great people to join the team, so being close to the universities is one of the success factors.

How important was the factor innovation for Evernote?

We live in the most innovative country in the world. Switzerland leads the way when it comes to innovation worldwide. We see this on a daily basis, when we are interacting with partners: Zurich is a place full of big ideas and people are open-minded. That makes it easy for us to come up with great projects.

How easy is it to start a business in Zurich?

From the moment we decided to set up business we got a lot of support and it was super easy. Paper work and every business related project had a plug and play feeling, where you can just come in and start a business, and focus on what is important. The Greater Zurich Area team has supported us by putting us in contact with other companies and also explaining the things we needed to take into consideration. And as we grow we get all the support we need from the different players in the sector that are helping us to move forward.

What would you suggest to a company thinking about expanding into Zurich?

Just do it! Coming to Zurich will help your business on many levels. It is about efficiency and productivity and there are few countries that can offer an infrastructure equal to the one you will find here in Switzerland. Zurich is a very international city. It is very dynamic, especially with the universities. There are many projects at the forefront of innovation so you can tap into them and develop your business.

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