Ava launches study for women with irregular cycles

Zurich – The medical technology company Ava has initiated a clinical trial that will explore how its sensor bracelet can help women with highly irregular menstrual cycles identify their fertile window.

Ava initiated the study in collaboration with University Hospital Zurich. It will run through to end of March 2018 and involve 50 women with irregular cycles, including those diagnosed with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). 

All the women will wear the Ava bracelet at night, which measures nine physiological parameters. The bracelet transfers the data to the smartphone every morning, which then evaluates the data to let women identify their fertile days.

Irregular menstrual cycles affect some 8 to 12 per cent of all women and are mostly caused by a hormonal imbalance, according to an Ava statement. Women with highly irregular cycles currently have no convenient or easy way to detect the fertile days in their monthly cycles. One of the most common fertility tests, the temperature method, can only confirm ovulation after it has happened. For women with irregular cycles, that information cannot be used to estimate current or future fertile windows.

Ava’s current bracelet is designed to help women with cycles between 24 and 35 days. The intent of the new study and consequent research is to extend the technology to detect fertility among women with cycles outside this range. 

“This trial is just an example of how Ava is just one more step along the way to helping fulfil the company vision and mission to become a companion for women along all stages of their reproductive lives,” said Peter Stein, vice president of research at Ava.

Ava was founded in Zurich in 2014. It has offices in both Zurich and San Francisco.

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