Blockchain to revolutionise pharmaceutical manufacturing

Zug – Ambrosus is partnering with the U.S. pharmaceutical company Trek Therapeutics to develop a blockchain-based method to monitor all stages of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Ambrosus, which was founded around one year ago and is based in Lausanne and Zug, is committed to using blockchain technology in different application areas. The startup has now announced a new partnership with Trek Therapeutics. Using sensors coupled with blockchain-based technology, it will develop a method for the American pharmaceutical company that will make it possible to monitor all stages of the pharmaceutical manufacturing process.

Trek Therapeutics wants to use the new method to make the pharmaceutical manufacturing process more transparent. At the same time, thanks to the new technology fewer employees will have to be employed to monitor production, which in turn will lead to cost savings. The technology will also give patients an insight into the manufacturing process, allowing them to ascertain the quality of the medicines they take.

Trek Therapeutics is a privately held company that develops and markets medicines to treat people that suffer from infectious diseases. Its mission is to provide high-quality, cost-effective medicines.

Ambrosus launched a blockchain-based platform this summer to improve the food supply chain. 

“Following the successful implementation of the Ambrosus protocol in global food supply chains, we are delighted to now apply our blockchain protocol to help ensure the quality, safety and integrity of another vitally important product  –  pharmaceuticals,” said Ambrosus co-founder and CEO Angel Versetti.

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