Chatbot does your housework for you

Zurich – The Zurich-based start-up Cosmobutler has launched the world’s first chatbot to help people with their errands. Users can communicate with the chatbot via Facebook, which then books services such as house cleaning or shoe repair.

According to the Zurich-based start-up Cosmobutler, chatbots are the personal assistants of the future. The intelligent programmes can answer users’ questions and process orders. For example, the tedious task of filling out forms or holding telephone conversations within limited business hours is eliminated.

Cosmobutler is now using a chatbot for household chores, and in doing so is launching a world’s first. The company’s chatbot is integrated into Facebook, allowing users to write to the virtual butler directly over Facebook Messenger.

“The chatbot can then give feedback within a matter of seconds, confirm the order or ask questions,” said Alex Benincà, founder and CEO of Cosmobutler. Booking someone to clean your home or pick up your laundry takes only a few minutes.

The Cosmobutler chatbot has been available on Facebook since 19 April and will be integrated at a later date into other messenger apps such as WhatsApp.

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