ETH to open school for continuing education

Zurich – The Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) in Switzerland is founding a School for Continuing Education. With its focus on cybersecurity and data science, the ETH hopes its new school will meet the needs of the labour market.

Digitalization and rapid technological transformation are making lifelong learning increasingly important, which is why ETH Zurich is launching the School for Continuing Education. It will offer continuing education options in four categories: Environment, Infrastructure & Architecture; Technology, Management & Innovation; Public Policy & Governance; and Health, Life & Natural Science. Certain continuing education courses currently offered by ETH Zurich will also be integrated into the new school.

The School for Continuing Education will focus on new opportunities in cybersecurity and data science. As ETH Zurich explains in a statement announcing the new school, the labour market has an especially strong need for cybersecurity specialists, which is why ETH Zurich will work closely with industry when developing the new courses. These should also be tailored as closely as possible to the participants, who will receive study plans that take into account their practical experience and the interests of their employers.   

“Continuing education is a key pillar of our knowledge transfer,” said ETH President Lino Guzzella. “With the new school, ETH is keeping pace with the speed and depth of societal change.”

Both industry and ETH Zurich have to gain from the new school. For instance, lecturers will gain valuable insights from professional practice, which they can then incorporate into teaching and research.

Swissmem president Hans Hess, who attended the School for Continuing Education launch on Friday, welcomes the initiative: “Continuing education is a valuable investment for any company. When I see the level at which ETH Zurich’s continuing education programmes are operating, I consider it a win for Swiss industry and business.”

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