ETH lessons to use HoloLens

Zurich – Students at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH) will now be using Microsoft’s HoloLens to examine molecules. A specially developed app makes it possible to analyse proteins in the room.

The HoloLens is a special pair of glasses created by Microsoft. When wearing the HoloLens, the wearer not only sees the furniture and people present in the room, but also a hologram. In the case of the ETH, the virtual object is a protein that the students can walk around, investigate and even walk through.

They are currently being used as part of the Computer-Assisted Drug Design course run by Gisbert Schneider, Professor at the ETH. The aim is to give students a better understanding of the whole cycle of active drug ingredient development. “Among other things, the students learn how to screen a catalogue of millions of molecules to separate out the ones that could interact with a particular protein thanks to their form and function,” explains Professor Schneider in a press release.

The ETH was able to purchase 12 of these glasses thanks to a donation by an alumnus. Afca has offered to create the first app for the ETH. With this app, Molegram, ETH’s teaching has taken the first step into the world of mixed reality. In a second project, geomatics students are programming their own apps for HoloLens.

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