Graubünden aims to become centre for health tourism

Chur – With its high-quality healthcare services and beautiful landscape, the canton of Graubünden is already today an ideal location for health tourism. The canton now wants to develop its strengths area even further.

The canton of Graubünden has announced that it wants to position itself as a centre in the healthcare field and is now planning new offers for the tourism low season, which is also the low season for hospitals.

The canton’s goal is not only to increase demand, but also to create new jobs and training places in the healthcare field. According to the head of the Department of Justice, Security and Health (DJSG), cantonal councillor Christian Rathgeb, health tourism is interesting from a tourism perspective because outpatient patients and their relatives avail themselves of the services of the hotel industry and holiday apartments.

The government set up a steering group in February to explore how to further strengthen health tourism. According to the group’s chairperson Philip Gunziger, the “strategy development process of health tourism in Graubünden will be developed primarily on the basis of existing and skilled health tourism offers”.

The Graubünden government is receiving support from the Graubünden Economic Forum, which sees health tourism as “one of several opportunities for the future development of the canton’s valleys”. The Economic Forum is analysing the options for health tourism and drawing up appropriate recommendations as part of one of its projects.

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