Greater Zurich Area welcomes new members

Zurich – The canton of Uri is the newest member of the Greater Zurich Area Standortmarketing foundation, enabling the Greater Zurich Area to grow to the south. The Greater Zurich Area is also pleased to have two new partners from the private sector.

Becoming a member of the Greater Zurich Area (GZA) means that the canton of Uri becomes a part of the Zurich economic region in the future. GZA is pleased that its latest member allows it to extend its sphere of activity southwards along the Gotthard corridor. Uri as a business location also brings its own qualities, which complement the Zurich economic zone. “Uri is the first German-speaking station along the North-South axis and offers outstanding conditions with respect to transport, industry and tourism,” says Urban Camenzind, member of the Canton of Uri government council.

GZA is also pleased to welcome two new partners from the private sector: MLS Dr. Max Schnopp AG, a company active in the field of executive searches and CEO coaching, and Swiss Engineering, one of the largest professional networks of engineers and architects in Switzerland with over 13,000 members. “One of our main goals is to promote Switzerland’s important economic and innovation regions with specific, solid engineering professional knowledge together with our promotion partners. Swiss Engineering and GZA will strengthen one another,” says Daniele Lupini, president of Swiss Engineering Zurich Region and new president of the foundation board of the Greater Zurich Area Standortmarketing foundation.  

“The availability of skilled managers and professionals plays a central role when Swiss and foreign companies evaluate sites in Switzerland. With the support of institutions such as GZA, we are pleased to contribute to the professional marketing abroad of Switzerland’s economic engine,” says Dr. Max L. Schnopp, manager partner of MLS Dr. Max Schnopp AG.

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