Online conferences provider crosses Atlantic

Zurich – Zurich-based Skype competitor Veeting Rooms is expanding into Central America. The start-up company from Zurich has won Mexican telco provider Intico as its first customer across the Atlantic.

Mexican telecommunications provider Intico has entered into a partnership with US company XmarteK LLC and Swiss start-up Veeting AG for its “iTalkYou Rooms” web conferencing service. Veeting explained in a press release that the online meeting room for business people is based on a white-label version of Veeting Rooms. Intico will host the service, which is available as a monthly or yearly subscription, on its own servers. 

According to Veeting, "iTalkYou Rooms“ uses WebRTC technology with encrypted direct audio and video connections between meeting participants. This does not only facilitate a high level of data security, but also fast communication between participants with no need for software installation or registration. "iTalkYou Rooms“ is more than a simple communications channel, reported Veeting. It also provides business clients with fully equipped conference rooms for online meetings.

Founded in 2014, the Swiss web conferencing provider Veeting Rooms has already established itself in the German-speaking market. Among the Zurich-based start-up company’s tools for web-based meetings are online presentations, data exchange, whiteboards, shared screens and meeting minutes. 

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