Paladino aiming to revolutionize the insurance market

Schlieren ZH – Paladino, a recently founded FinTech firm based in the Greater Zurich Area, is aiming to help companies bring insurance solutions to the market more rapidly. A major project has now been realized.

Paladino Insurtech AG has developed a modular Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform to digitally display all customer processes, as outlined in a press release. With this platform, the company – founded at the end of 2018 – is aiming to help companies “bring new insurance solutions to the market both more rapidly and with greater efficiency than before”. Moreover, companies without expertise in the field of insurance should now be able to “access the profitable insurance market”. Development and consultancy services complete Paladino’s service portfolio.

Roman Hofmann, CEO of Paladino Insurtech AG and former CEO of TONI DIS AG, explained in the press release: “Until now, it often took two or three years to develop a new insurance solution and bring it to market maturity. When insurance firms were finally ready to launch, the market could potentially have changed again slightly in the meantime, with the result that there was no longer any demand for their product. It was simply no longer up-to-date.”

Now, a major project has recently been launched. This week, PostFinance went live with insurance solutions from Paladino’s client TONI DIS. These solutions are based on Paladino’s platform. Hofmann commented: “We are delighted to have realized our first customer project just three months after being officially founded. Of course, we will not be resting on our laurels following this success”.

In addition to Hofmann, Christoph Lieber, former CEO of St.Galler Kantonalbank Deutschland, Amer Ridani, erstwhile CTO of additiv AG, Salih Causevic, former QA Manager at TONI DIS, and Philippe Regazzoni, Chairman of TONI DIS, all form part of the founding team of Paladino.

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