People-Analytix raises new funds

Zurich – People-Analytix has raised 1.8 million Swiss francs. The startup uses predictive skill analytics to assist companies and employees identify skills relevant for the future.

People-Analytix was founded just two months ago, and yet it is already in a position to announce its first major success: Mica Ventures, a venture capital firm founded by Leonteq co-founder Michael Hartweg, is investing 1.8 million Swiss francs into the startup from the Greater Zurich Area.

People-Analytix uses the potential of digitalization to address the central challenges of the rapidly changing working world. The startup has developed a solution that helps identify the skills needed for new roles and functions within a company. It is designed to assist companies in finding new employees, while at the same time help employees gain valuable insights into the skills needed for the future and discover new career prospects.

The People-Analytix solution is based on big data and artificial intelligence and primarily addresses companies with more than 1,000 employees. Algorithms evaluate employee references and CVs and compare them to a set of 11,000 skills, as reports.   

The newly raised funds will go towards global market developed, said co-founder Christoph Küffer.

Based in Zurich, People-Analytix currently has eight employees.

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