Victorinox flies in business class

Ibach SZ – SWISS Airlines business class passengers can now enjoy new amenity kits on long-haul flights. The new collection of six different modules was developed by the traditional Swiss brand Victorinox.

Victorinox, famous the world over for its red Swiss Army Knife design, is the new supplier for SWISS business class amenity kits. The new collection consists of six different models, which it designed in collaboration with SWISS Airlines.

The collection includes a passport cover, a toiletries bag, and a high-quality metal tin whose design was inspired by the popular Victorinox Spectra case. According to a statement, the amenity kits stand out for their functionality and can even be combined with each other “by snapping them together and creating a new kit entirely”. All models feature the recognizable Swiss cross.

The amenity kits are available as of now and will be given exclusively to SWISS business class passengers on long-haul flights for the next three years. This year, passengers can also take part in a sweepstakes to win SWISS flight vouchers or a Victorinox suitcase.

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