Voting via blockchain

Zurich – The Zurich-based startup Procivis and the University of Zurich are working together to develop a blockchain-based solution for electronic voting. Their goal is to make the e-voting process seamless in the future.

Procivis and the Communication Systems Group (CSG) at the Computer Science Department of the University of Zurich want to revolutionize voting by developing an e-voting platform based on Ethereum’s blockchain technology. The objective of their project is to create a comprehensive solution that informs citizens about the voting proposals, allows them to vote, and even integrates vote counting.  

The University of Zurich plans to test the platform as part of a pilot for internal elections in spring 2018. Once the two partners have fully developed their solution, they plan to make their technology publicly available under an open source licence "to ensure transparency and allow independent review".

eID+, the platform developed by Procivis for issuing and managing electronic identities, will be used as the basis for registering voters.

"Since the Swiss Federal Council has now issued a clear timeline for the introduction of e-voting, we’re looking forward to contributing towards finding a solution together with the University of Zurich," Procivis founder and CEO Daniel Gasteiger said in a statement.

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