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Eawag is the water research institute within the ETH domain. This domain includes the two universities of ETH Zurich and ETH Lausanne (EPFL), and the four independent research institutes Empa, PSI, WSL and Eawag. Firmly anchored in its home country of Switzerland but with a global network, Eawag develops concepts and technology that enable water as a resource and bodies of water to be utilized sustainably.

Eawag's research departments work in three key areas of research:

Facts and Figures (2015)

Supervised Bachelor's and Master's dissertations 136

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Supervised PhD theses 146
Number of staff 501
Annual expenses 74 Mio. CHF
Excellent research depends on having a prosperous economic base such as Switzerland. Eawag is one of the world's leading water research institutes, so in collaboration with its partners in the ETH domain it supports all efforts to strengthen the economy, especially in the Zurich region.
Prof. Dr. Janet Hering - CEO of Eawag

Mission Statement

In collaboration with universities, other research institutes, public bodies, industry and non-governmental organizations, Eawag works to harmonize environmental, economic and social interests with regard to water usage. It thereby serves as a bridge between science and practice.

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