14th European Trend Day

Super You: The Growing Self-Optimisation Market

Yoga, chia, Fitbit – the self-optimisation business is booming, from no-tech and low-tech to high-tech. Wellness has an annual turnover of almost USD 4,000 bn. We’re perfecting our nutrition and digestion, caring for wrinkles and muscles, flying halfway around the world for wellness courses. Trendsetters are experimenting with ayahuasca and LSD microdosing, and Elon Musk is researching a brain-machine interface.

There’s no end in sight for the boom. People want to transcend themselves. Once basic needs are met, self-optimisation becomes a raison d’être and happiness an obligation. Self-promotion is compulsory in the era of Instagram and selfies. Appearance becomes reputation; status makes us happy. The only limit placed on our transformation is our own imagination.

  • What new self-improvement products await us?
  • Will brain hacking make us superhuman?
  • Health, nutrition, beauty, tourism: which industries will profit most?
  • What impact does self-optimisation have on the working world?
  • What are the societal consequences of the pressure for perfection?

GDI discusses answers to these and many more questions at the 14th European Trend Day.

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