Bridging Innovation: Unire leader tecnologici di Bergamo e della Greater Zurich Area

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What does it take to create a fertile ground for innovation in life sciences? Discover the insights from successful companies in Switzerland and Italy, along with innovation and business-promoting organizations. Be amazed as Daniela Marino, CEO of Cutiss, shares the remarkable journey of bioengineering personalized human skin with the support of Greater Zurich's innovation ecosystem. Hear from Carmelo Lupo, Head of Innovation, Research and Diagnostics at Diapath, about how the Bergamo-based company drives innovation around the world. In addition, we will provide you with guidance on how to access innovation support for your own company and you’ll learn about the advantages of doing business in Switzerland.

Join us for an inspiring evening, and in the spirit of “bridging innovation” connect and exchange ideas with like-minded tech leaders from Bergamo and the Greater Zurich Area at the apéro riche. The event will be held in Italian.

We'll be at the event:

Rolf Bühler Potrait
Rolf Bühler
Director Europe
Milena Lussi Potrait
Milena Lussi
Project Manager Europe, Israel and Key Ecosystems

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