After the six disciplines have proven themselves at the CYBATHLON 2016, races will be held again in 2020 - but with new challenges. The tasks will remain relevant to everyday life, but will be adapted to the state of research. This means that visitors and pilots can look forward to advanced virtual races with thought control, bicycle races with muscle stimulation, arm prosthesis course, leg prosthesis course, exoskeleton course and wheelchair course.

In 2020 the CYBATHLON competition will take place as a two-day event. On the first day the qualifying races will take place and on the second day the final races. As at the premiere, there will be an attractive supporting programme where visitors can test the disciplines themselves in a playful way and with the support of disabled people. Admission to the supporting programme around the SWISS Arena is free. The fact that the CYBATHLON is more than just a competition is also taken into account in the competition programme. On Thursday, 17 September 2020, a symposium will be held to examine and discuss the technologies of the individual disciplines from a scientific perspective.


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