Branchfood and GZA present: Sustainably Nourishing Tomorrow in FoodTech

Sustainably Nourishing Tomorrow: A Collaborative Approach for Global Impact

🍏🌐 Explore the vanguard of sustainable practices and innovation in the global food industry in an exclusive webinar presented by Branchfood and Greater Zurich Area. 

Gain profound insights from corporate leaders, agri-food innovators, and investors. 
In an era marked by environmental concerns, supply chain disruptions, and shifting demographics, the demand for sustainable solutions has surged. We will embark on an in-depth examination of cutting-edge initiatives adopted by industry trailblazers. 

What to expect: 

🥕 Understand shifting consumer needs and emerging sustainability trends 

🥕 Explore collaboration opportunities in private-public and startup-corporate partnerships 

🥕 Gain insights from leading companies (Nestle, RBI, SGI) and emerging start-ups (Yamo, Planted) on food innovation and industry challenges 

🥕 Learn about the role of the Greater Zurich Area in catalyzing global change through cross-industry collaboration 



  • Annette Herz - Moderator, Strategic Advisor, Branchfood; Partner, Compass Marketing 
  • Jillian Ochs, Director West Coast, Greater Zurich Area 
  • Tobias Gunzenhauser, Founder and CEO, YAMO 
  • Pascal Bieri, Co-founder, Planted 
  • Peter Measham, Senior Director of Global Sustainability, Restaurant Brands International 
  • To be announced, SIG 
  • To be announced, Syntegon

We'll be at the event:

Jillian Ochs Portrait
Jillian Ochs
Director USA

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