Tech G Shanghai 2023

TechG Shanghai 2023

Tech G is a leading consumer technology event in Shanghai, showcasing cutting-edge products and revolutionary technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented / Virtual Reality (AR/VR), Automotive Technology, and much more. Tech G creates opportunities for companies to promote the deepening integration of technology with the real economy.

Exhibitors, industry professionals, government officials, buyers, media, analysts, and avid consumers from around the world will come together to explore the very latest technological advances, engage with the profound possibilities of new developments in consumer electronics, and experience the most impressive innovations of the consumer technology industry.

Are you a Swiss tech start-up? 

Join the swisstech Pavilion in October at Tech G – a major tech expo in Asia. Deep dive into the China innovation ecosystem and connect with the marketplace, experts and partners.

What do participating startups get?

  • 9m² free individual booth as part of the swisstech country pavilion
  • Matchmaking and networking with potential customers, partners, industry experts and clients
  • Opportunity to pitch your product and gain media exposure
  • Latest insights on consumer technology trends
  • Startups approved for the Innosuisse China Camp program can receive a travel stipend of CHF 3000-6000

Apply by July 31, 2023:

We'll be at the event:

Jianping Gao
Jianping GAO
Chief Representative China
Mandy Lin Director China
Mandy Lin
Director China

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