An epicentre of the life sciences industry

Zurich - Zurich has turned into a life sciences centre. The Bio-Technopark Schlieren-Zürich played an important role in this.


China Construction Bank opens in Zurich

Zurich – The China Construction Bank has officially opened its branch in Zurich. With the arrival of the bank, the Zurich financial centre will become a European hub for renminbi trading. 


EF expands its presence in Zurich

Zurich - In 2018, the international education company EF Education First will move into the building currently inhabited by the Swiss stock exchange.


Chinese electric scooter company comes to Zurich

Zurich - Chinese manufacturer of electric scooters AIMA has opened its first shop in Europe in Zurich. It described Switzerland as ideal thanks to its reputation for high quality.


Wyss Zurich officially opens

Zurich - The joint developed centre of the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich aims to turn innovations into practical solutions more quickly.


Clusters drive innovation

Zurich - In the Greater Zurich Area, ICT, biotech and medical technology clusters are especially successful, says ETH Professor Georg von Krogh.


Chinese business school opens campus in Zurich

Zurich – The China Europe International Business School (CEIBS) is expanding its European offerings out of a campus in Zurich.  


Uri invests in its infrastructure

Altdorf - A massive agglomeration project is set to make Uri more attractive as a business location. 


Zug is becoming a fintech centre

Zug - Trailblazers are bringing the digital financial sector to the fore in Zug. The so-called Crypto Valley is meant to become the global centre for cryptocurrencies. 


Small in size but with international appeal

Altdorf - The new Gotthard Base Tunnel will open in December 2016.


Xapo highlights Switzerland’s advantages

Zurich – Xapo, which stores the digital currency bitcoin for its customers, has decided to move to Switzerland.


Biogen plans manufacturing plant in Solothurn

Solothurn – Biotechnology company Biogen plans to build an ultra-modern biopharmaceutical manufacturing plant in Solothurn.


Financial centre scores with digitalisation

Zurich - Digitalisation is changing the banking industry as Swiss start-ups working together with traditional companies on financial solutions for tomorrow.


Zurich to become a digital capital

Ringier CEO Marc Walder plans to turn Zurich into the digital capital of Europe in the next ten years.


Industry 4.0 is revolutionising production

Zurich - Companies and researchers from the Greater Zurich region are at the forefront of this revolution.


Specialised knowledge is an edge in green building

Zurich - Green building is at home in Switzerland – on a small scale as well as a large one.


Fashion as a sign of top quality

Zürich - Made in Switzerland – it’s label is expressing what many consider to be traditionally strong Swiss values: quality, precision, exclusivity.


Google expands Zurich presence

Zurich – Google plans to extend its presence in Zurich. The internet giant will move into additional premises in Zurich.


Automobile parts suppliers are on the ball

Zurich - Swiss automobile parts suppliers escaped the economic crisis mostly unscathed. Diversification is one reason for this.


Vocational training becoming a top export

Zürich - The benefits of such a dual system are now increasingly being recognised abroad – and imitated.


Success builds on constant innovation – especially in the Greater Zurich Area

Zurich - Innovation is the engine of our regional and national economy.


ICT and health care join forces

Zürich - The health care system is increasingly turning to the ICT sector to improve its services.


Digitalisation gives a boost to precision technologies

Zurich - It is Switzerland’s little secret, but it is having a huge impact: The precision technologies industry, particularly in and around Zurich.


More than just fun and games

Zurich - Zurich is set to become a new centre for the game industry. Although still small, the industry is growing.


Data is the gold of today

Zurich - The amount of digital data is multiplying exponentially and in all corners of the world. Swiss security providers see a huge business.


When robots revolutionise the workplace

Zurich - Robots are more than just machines, and soon they will be working together with – rather than instead of – people.


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