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Greater Zurich: Home to the Top IT Companies in Europe

Switzerland is one of the top information technology countries in the world. Greater Zurich in particular plays an important role in the digital economy as a base for IT companies in Europe. 


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The Greater Zurich Area is a leading location for information technologies in Europe - just ask global tech giants like Apple, Disney, Google, Huawei, AWS, and IBM that have found success in the region. Companies that locate information technology operations in the Greater Zurich Area benefit from the wide availability of skilled talent, opportunity for cooperative efforts with top universities and innovative start-ups, and a stable, business-friendly atmosphere.

As one of the top countries in information technology, Switzerland has a robust IT infrastructure and a longstanding reputation for confidentiality. Swiss data protection laws appeal to international software development companies looking for the highest levels of data protection to store global information.

Combining the fact that Switzerland is a multilingual country with its ranking as the world's leading talent hub, it is no wonder that Greater Zurich has a successful track record of helping the world’s top tech companies launch operations here. The technological workforce largely speaks English, and Zurich has a thriving and diverse expatriate community.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

Leading artificial intelligence in Europe, Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area have occupied top positions in worldwide rankings for innovative strength and talent availability in this sector. In Greater Zurich, artificial intelligence companies collaborate with academic institutions to cultivate an ecosystem of innovation, draw on a pool of talent, and share technical expertise.

Top-tier research institutes, including ETH Zurich and the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA, continue to rank among the leading technical institutes in the world and attract the best talent. The top AI companies in Europe, including Google, IBM, Microsoft, FacebookMeta, and Oracle have chosen to have offices in the Greater Zurich Area.

Computer vision

Computer vision

The Greater Zurich Area is one of the world’s leading centers for computer vision. The region is home to the most advanced machine learning in Europe – thanks to leading universities, top talents, a dynamic start-up scene, and global tech giants such as Google, Apple, FacebookMeta, Microsoft, IBM, Huawei, Oracle and Disney.

Many organizations lack the resources or specific skill set to implement computer vision alone. Instead, they turn to centers of excellence for their needs. With our region’s coding and technological expertise, as well as deep experience in implementing real-world applications, those organizations know they can find the software solutions they need in the Greater Zurich Area. 

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Virtual reality and augmented reality

Companies involved in spatial computing technologies such as virtual, augmented or mixed reality encounter outstanding conditions in the Greater Zurich Area. The highly qualified technical workforce includes around 200,000 IT computer specialists that use big data in tandem with augmented reality to deliver exceptional return on investment.   

Greater Zurich is home to research facilities with global recognition that can meet the growing demand for AR in applications such as marketing, video entertainment, gaming and events. Worldwide technology leaders such as Meta, Google, Magic Leap and Microsoft have chosen to develop and continue the technological advancement of their VR/AR solutions in Zurich.



Cybersecurity, one of the world’s most important areas of technology, thrives in the Greater Zurich Area. ETH Zurich has one of the top five teams in the world in the field of cybersecurity and the Greater Zurich offers an innovative scene of small and mid-size companies involved in researching solutions for safer data processing. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be applied to find anomalies, analyze malware, detect bots, identify malicious code, and make predictions. 

The Internet of Things (IoT) has increased potential cybersecurity risks to consumers’ data, but Switzerland has a proven history as a safe place for valuable assets in the physical and digital economy. The region’s highly qualified technical workforce and excellent quality of life are bonus factors to companies that choose to locate in the Greater Zurich Area.

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