GZA Live Talk with Patric Ammann, neon (digital bank)

GZA Live Talk with Patric Ammann


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30-minute live talk series with personalities from the Greater Zurich Area, where world-class technology meets Swiss reliability. The talk is broadcast as a live video stream on our website.

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Our guest

Patric Ammann
Chief Operating Officer at neon, a digital banking app from Zurich

neon has recently raised a further CHF 5 mio (USD 5.4 mio), which the Fintech start-up from Zurich will invest in the development of its free banking app and the growth of its customer base. 

Prior to its current position, Patric was a project manager at a global universal bank, a strategy consultant for banking and insurance clients and co-founder of a start-up that issues a card for students with discounts offered by local providers.

E-mail: patric.ammann@neon-free.ch

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Our topics

  • Meet Patric and neon
  • Challenges and opportunities of a digital bank
  • Covid-19: catastrophe or catalyst on the growth path?
  • The Fintech ecosystem of Switzerland
  • Greater Zurich as a location for successful start-ups

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Our host

Reto Sidler
Reto Sidler
Head of Communications and Marketing

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