Honorary Ambassadors

The Greater Zurich Area Ltd. (GZA) has appointed several executives, entrepreneurs and influencers as Greater Zurich Honorary Ambassadors. This is in recognition of their outstanding accomplishments in promoting business relations the United States and Switzerland and the Greater Zurich Area in particular.

For the Greater Zurich Area - and GZA as an organization - the program is essential for building a network, promoting the business region and identifying suitable companies to whom the Greater Zurich Area offers added value for their strategic expansion.

The Greater Zurich Honorary Ambassadors

Eastcoast Ambassadors

The Greater Zurich Honorary Ambassadors on the East Coast

  • Anita Roth, Airbnb
  • Anthony Maggiore, Atlassian
  • Friedemann Thomma, Venable LLP
  • Matt Atkin, UBER
  • Philipp Stauffer, FYRFLY Venture Partners
  • Randy Knaflic, Jawbone (former employer: Google Zurich)
  • Stewart Karlinsky, Pacific Tax Policy Institute
  • Ted Rogers, XAPO
  • Alison Finger, Bluebird Bio
  • Michael Hardgrove, DLA Piper
  • Roman Kern, MassChallenge
  • Michelle Lock, Sage Therapeutics
  • Orlando Oliveira, TESARO
  • Gene White, First Names Group


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