MLS Dr. Max Schnopp AG

MLS Dr. Max Schnopp AG

MLS Dr. Max Schnopp AG (MLS) is a nationally well-established company that is also a key international partner when it comes to challenging recruitment searches for (executive) board-level personnel and second-tier managerial staff.

The company has many years of experience in successful recruiting for key positions in industry. Both SMEs and large corporations appreciate the holistic approach, which has proven itself by the absolute top quality of past recruitments.

As a company that always adapts quickly to the new challenges arising in the world of industry, MLS Dr. Max Schnopp AG also wants to put its dynamism and innovative strength to work for the Greater Zurich Area and the Swiss economy in general.

Specialization sectors

  • Industry - Manufacturing/Distribution
  • Consumer Products - Manufacturing/Distribution
  • IT/Telco
  • Energy & Natural Resources
  • Life Sciences & Health Care
  • Professional Services
  • Not For Profit
  • Financial Services


We are committed to preserving the economic prosperity of this country, among other things by encouraging international companies to settle in Switzerland. We are a company with an outstanding network both in Switzerland's business world and internationally, and we do our part to contribute to the GZA by making top management and highly-qualified specialists available to companies.
Michael Schnopp
Michael Schnopp - Managing Partner

Mission Statement

We work with our clients to search for and develop sustainable solutions and potential strengths that will lead them into the future successfully, and we are guided by a value system that is based on humanitarianism, fairness and honesty.

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