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MME Legal | Tax | Compliance is an innovative legal, tax, and compliance consulting firm with offices in Zurich and Zug.

MME supports and represents companies and individuals in all business and private economic-related matters. We foster strong client-partner relationships: our partners assist our clients personally, comprehensively and in a straightforward manner - in Switzerland and internationally - by coordinating with a well-established network of specialists all over the globe.

MME specializes in the relocation of international companies to Switzerland. We accompany projects from the first planning phase to the final implementation. Our consulting approach is comprehensive; we work closely with you to develop the appropriate business model and accompany you in legal, tax law, and regulatory matters. MME’s highly qualified lawyers, tax experts and compliance specialists have experience in practicing abroad and efficiently managing interdisciplinary projects, as well as have personal contacts to representatives of both the federal and cantonal authorities. The successful implementation of a relocation project requires the involvement of counsel from the early preparatory planning phase, which is why we regularly make on-site visits to our foreign clients to offer support early-on. We are aware of international developments and plan sustainably for the future. With MME, you have a reliable partner far beyond the relocation process.

Thanks to our established network of selected international consulting firms, we also provide competent, reliable, and timely cross-border advice.


Crypto's next chapter: MiCA

Crypto's next chapter: MiCA

Discover how MiCA regulations can benefit your crypto business. Dr. Andreas Glarner of MME shares insights on mastering compliance, building an EU presence, and navigating regulatory landscapes for success in the dynamic EU market.

MiCA / Andreas Glarner Teaser
We are convinced that the partnership-based location marketing concept, in which public authorities and the private sector work together, creates added value for both foreign companies and the economic area.
Andreas Müller
Andreas Müller - Partner MME Legal | Tax | Compliance

More private supporters

More private supporters

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