Dübendorf – The Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei intends to create one thousand research jobs in Switzerland. In this context, Huawei is also looking to invest several hundred million Swiss francs in research centers.

Huawei booth at Mobile World Congress 2019
Huawei booth at World Mobile Congress 2019

Last year, Huawei had already communicated its intention to open two research centers in Zurich and Lausanne. Now, however, the Group has gone into greater detail. As Felix Kamer, Vice-President of Huawei Switzerland, explained to SRF’s Tagesschau news program, the company is looking to recruit one thousand research staff in Switzerland. Over the next few years, several hundred million Swiss francs are also set to be invested in Swiss research centers.

Kamer highlights two distinct strengths of Switzerland, which have encouraged Huawei to invest in the country. Firstly, Switzerland boasts huge innovative power. This can be seen, for example, in the many patent applications and innovative product launches. Secondly, there is a strong continuous investment in education and there are several “exceptional technical universities” in Switzerland.

Kamer commented to the news agency Keystone-SDA that the specific research issues still need to be defined. However, the focus would be on research topics for which Switzerland has assumed a pioneering role and which would be relevant over the medium term for Huawei. “In specific terms, we will be focusing on physics, computer sciences, nanotechnology, material sciences and additional natural sciences”, Kamer explained.

There is a strong continuous investment in education and there are several exceptional technical universities in Switzerland.
Felix Kamer, Vice President Huawei Switzerland
Felix Kamer - Vice Presiden Huawei Switzerland

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