Wädenswil/Dübendorf ZH - 3Brain and SuSoS AG are collaborating with the aim of making cell preparations in experiments with microchips more reliable. SuSoS applied a special coating to the microchip surfaces to enable uniform cell adhesion.

Image credit: Science in HQ


Two companies based in the Greater Zurich Area, namely 3Brain AG and SuSoS AG, have concluded a commercialization agreement, further details of which can be found in a press release. According to information from the company itself, 3Brain is the first company to have successfully brought highly developed microchips into direct contact with live cells. These experiments essentially deal with fundamental research in biology.

As the press release explains, the two companies are working together to reduce variability between one cell preparation and the next. To achieve this, the cell adhesion on the microchips must be improved. This was achieved with the help of the high-tech company SuSoS, which specializes in functional thin-film coatings. The company’s specially developed surface coating by the name of AziGrip4 CELL+ homogenously improves the cell adhesion to the microchips. This results in simplified, standardized processes to test cells and compounds in lab settings and as part of preclinical trials.

“The pre-coated chips simplify the working process, reduce manual intervention and, according to initial tests, improve the reproducibility of the results”, explains Alessandro Maccione, CEO of 3Brain, in the press release. The experiments further developed in this fashion should now be rapidly adopted by as many users as possible.

“We truly believe that in many research areas – and specifically when dealing with the very building blocks of biology – systematically, scientifically taking care of the few nanometers at the surface of our clients’ devices truly makes the difference”, comments Samuele Tosatti, CEO of SuSoS. “We’re happy that we were able to contribute to a further innovation in 3Brain’s already impressive microchip technology”, he adds.

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