Wädenswil ZH - 3Brain AG has launched a new technology for drug development. It combines microchips with artificial intelligence and aims to help active substance candidates to be investigated in more detail before a clinical trial is conducted.

3Brain AG
Image credit: 3Brain AG


3Brain AG from Wädenswil in the canton of Zurich has developed a new technology called CorePlate. This aims to help companies to develop medicinal products. It enables more accurate investigation of active substance candidates in the preclinical phase, which should increase the chances of success for clinical trials. According to a press release from 3Brain, currently nine out of ten drugs that are tested in humans do not reach the market. This apparently has “huge implications” for the costs of drug development.

Preclinical tests on human stem cells are often much more successful than animal testing according to 3Brain. However, the traditional approaches to analyzing cell information are limited, which is where 3Brain’s technology comes in. It enables cell analysis to be conducted with the aid of six microchips. According to the information provided, this means that extensive information can be collected, which can then be relayed to software. The data is then analyzed with the aid of artificial intelligence.

Mauro Gandolfo, CEO and Co-Founder of 3Brain, is quoted in the press release saying: “We want to radically change the way preclinical drug screening is performed, offering pharmaceutical companies the opportunity to manage their pipelines more efficiently.” Finally, pharmaceutical companies should be able to save both time and money with the technology while simultaneously speeding up drug development.

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