Zurich – Two companies from the Greater Zurich Area, 4Quant and Netcetera, have founded a joint venture firm. Their aim is to increase the prevalence of applications based on Artificial Intelligence in Switzerland.

According to a press release, 4Quant and Netcetera have founded a joint venture company named AI First. The partners are pouring their expertise into this joint venture and are aiming to demonstrate to Swiss firms how applications from the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be optimally implemented. According to information available, AI First will focus on issues such as data science and machine/deep learning, which according to Netcetera “are an important part of the AI landscape and offer huge potential”. Experts at AI First can, for example, help companies to analyze data to deliver insights which can be converted into business value.

Nithin Mathews, Senior Project Manager & Consultant at Netcetera, commented: “Technologies based on AI have the potential to optimize established business processes and thereby generate demonstrable business value. Companies often lack the technical and advisory expertise to exploit this potential. AI First offers precisely these qualities, all from a single source”. According to Andrej Vckovski, CEO of Netcetera, Switzerland is “predestined to assume a leading role in disseminating Artificial Intelligence across Europe in order to cover the increasing demand for AI applications”.

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