Zurich - The technology firm ABB and Porsche are cooperating on the development of a new generation of charging units for electric cars. These are initially to be used in Porsche centers located in Japan.

Porsche’s first-ever completely electric car is set to be released on the Japanese market in 2020. The German automotive manufacturer is working together with the Zurich-based technology firm ABB in order to develop a charging unit for this and future electric vehicles. The new charging unit is likely to feature a capacity of 150 Kilowatts and be compatible with the CHAdeMO quick charging standard, as explained in a press release. Porsche is planning to equip its centers in Japan with the new charging units. The first station is set to be put into operation by mid-2020.

ABB has already amassed extensive experience in charging stations. The company has, according to its own information, already sold more than 10,500 direct current rapid charging units in 73 countries.

A total of 20,000 customers have already registered their interest in Porsche’s first ever electric car. The automaker is then intending to develop further electric models in the future.

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