Zurich/San Francisco/Pittsburgh - The Swiss-American AdTech pioneer Adello has won Gold at the Viddy Awards in the USA in the category of Artificial Intelligence. The award went to the Adello GP product for contextual targeting in video advertising.

Adello has won Gold at the Viddy Awards in the category of Artificial Intelligence Technology. The awards, organized by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals from Pittsburgh in the US State of Pennsylvania, are presented as part of the oldest and largest competition within the video industry. The other Gold award winners include companies such as Accenture, Logitech, Vodafone and Bloomberg.

The award was presented to the Zurich and San Francisco-based mobile AdTech provider for its product Adello GP, which is a targeting solution for YouTube advertising that will also be made available for CTV (Connected TV) and ATV (Addressable TV) advertising in the near future, further details of which can be found in a press release. This offers “an innovative approach to analyzing, identifying and targeting the most relevant video inventory for improved advertising performance”.

The patented technology developed by Adello comes from high-frequency trading. According to the information, Adello leverages this in order to use GP to analyze video content in detail, right down to the level of objects, brands and dialogues, while also seeking to gain a wider understanding of the context. On average, 200 to 400 keywords should be generated per second. Thanks to this video analysis, Adello GP can ensure that advertising is shown to the most relevant audience.

Adello is a portfolio company of Swisscom Ventures. The global market research company Technavio, rates the technology developed by Adello, which is protected by various patents and has won more than 20 awards, among the Top 16 in the field of Big Data, according to information from Adello. ce/mm

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