Innovations from the Greater Zurich Area are setting a new benchmark in industrial production. The Ticino-based startup Delvitech and its partners develop the gold standard of inspection solutions, taking quality and efficiency to a new level. According to CEO Roberto Gatti, expertise ultimately makes the difference when it comes to artificial intelligence (AI).

Delvitech was founded in 2018 and today you are working for electronics companies. How did you so rapidly become a giant in the automated optical inspection (AOI) market?

Roberto Gatti: We create AOI technology for the production of printed circuit boards in the electronics industry. Our algorithms for this are fully based on the most advanced artificial intelligence. We developed this ourselves in the Greater Zurich Area – with the best skilled talent and research partners we could ever imagine. We work together with the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence (IDSIA) in Lugano, which is world-famous for AI, and with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI). Additionally, Swiss investors have understood the potential of our solutions. For example, we are supported by the venture capital funds TiVentures and Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital.

Can you describe the process of research collaboration?

At the start of a large project, we define subprojects and clarify what we will tackle internally and where we collaborate with external partners. Our current development 3IS is a revolutionary AOI predictive solution entirely based on artificial intelligence. It will come to market at the start of 2022 and the optical elements were developed at SUPSI. This is an important innovation factor as 3IS is the first AOI platform that can be flexibly implemented at all process phases of an industrial system with just one optical head. Using our AI, it is also uniquely possible for 3IS to identify an error, analyze it, and avoid it.

The Greater Zurich Area is a magnet for top talent from near and far
How AI from the Greater Zurich Area is revolutionizing the industry
Roberto Gatti - CEO Delvitech SA

Are you already gearing towards the pharmaceutical and food industries?

Partly. In addition to electronics, those industries are the most important for the rapidly growing market of AOI applications. We will start in the pharmaceutical sector in 2023 and in the food sector in 2024. For all three sectors, Asia and America are the most important regions. This is why we also have branches there. Europe is in third place, but we are currently observing that some companies are bringing production back to Europe from Asia.

Despite the highly international orientation, will your headquarters and R&D team remain in the Greater Zurich Area?

Yes, we have over 40 highly skilled specialists working for us in Ticino, 16 of whom are in the R&D area. We are currently recruiting one new professional per week on average. In 2022 we will probably grow to over one hundred members of staff in the Greater Zurich Area. The fact that the location is still firmly seated in this region is firstly down to the proximity to universities. Secondly, we also have important business partnerships in Switzerland, such as HP Fabrics in the canton of Schwyz or Juri Elecctronica Industriale based in Ticino. Thirdly, Greater Zurich as magnet for top talent from near and far. Recruitment is much harder in other locations.

How important is “Swissness” for your area of business?

We promise our clients that we will increase the quality, efficiency, and precision of their production using top innovations and ensure data protection. Switzerland is known worldwide for all of these factors. With our headquarters in the Greater Zurich Area, we are specifically underlining the advantages of our business.

Personal information:

Roberto Gatti is the CEO of the company Delvitech SA, which is headquartered in Mendrisio in the canton of Ticino. The startup, which was founded in 2018, develops technology for the electronics market in the area of automated optical inspection (AOI). In industrial production, Delvitech platforms check the quality of printed circuit boards and analyze errors. Delvitech works for globally active electronics companies, among others. There is a branch office in the USA, in India Delvitech is going to open a branch by the end of 2021.


Interview: Yvonne von Hunnius

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Luca Terzi, Senior Software Engineer at Delvitech, talks about the advantages of working in AI company based in Greater Zurich.


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