Glattbrugg ZH – Catering company gategroup and aircraft manufacturer Airbus have announced a cooperation in the area of big data analytics. A connected cabin will allow demand to be more effectively predicted and can be operated by passengers personally.

Airbus is working on a cabin of the future. Thanks to a platform for the Internet of Things (IoT), the galley, seats and other objects in the cabin will all be connected. The aim is to provide a personalized service to passengers, more effectively predict demand and develop new concepts.

As was reported in a press release, Airbus is now working on this cabin of the future with catering company gategroup, which has its headquarters in the Greater Zurich Area. The focus is on creating a fully digital galley and an optimized layout through new innovative concepts.

Post flight data analytics will enable accurate demand predictions to be made in future. The galley concept is flexible so it can be configured for the requirements of each individual route. As personal operation by passengers is possible, it will not only improve their experience but also help reduce waste, for example.

According to the press release, gategroup will use the recorded data to develop new optimized in-flight service concepts. CEO gategroup Xavier Rossinyo says “gategroup aims to introduce new and innovative technologies that transform how we and our customers operate”.

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