Zurich - AirConsole is setting up a top-class advisory board for gaming. The startup plans to leverage this Gaming Advisory Board and its partnership with BMW to develop into a company that sets a new standard for gaming via in-car entertainment systems.

The team at the Zurich-based games developer AirConsole is being enhanced by a Gaming Advisory Board, which comprises leading experts from the games industry. According to a press release, AirConsole sees the establishment of this advisory board as a further step on its journey from startup to important provider of games for in-car entertainment systems.

This path was first laid out with the announcement of a partnership with BMW last year. At the start of March this year, BMW Group and AirConsole advertised a joint competition for in-car-gaming pioneers.

The advisory board will be led by Kim Nordstrom, former Chief Strategy Officer at Paradox Interactive and Studio General Manager and Vice President at King, the developers of Candy Crush Saga. The board will also include Michael Fuller, former Vice President of Global Digital Business Development at Hasbro. According to the information provided, he will bring 25 years of experience in the games industry and licensing expertise.

AirConsole also names Ignacio Monereo as a great asset. He is a partner of the venture capital company Boost Capital Partners and an angel investor in the games industry. He was previously Head of Gaming Creators at Meta and supported games developers at Google with market launch and monetization. Chairman of the Board Kim Nordstrom is confident that AirConsole has a “good chance of revolutionizing the in-car gaming industry and creating innovative, exciting gaming experiences for gamers” with the board members’ knowledge and experience. mm

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