Zurich – The two drone specialists AirMap and Involi want to make the usage of drones safer in airspace. To this end, they are collaborating on a technological basis.

The Zurich based company AirMap and Western Switzerland’s Involi are joining forces. AirMap has developed an Urban Traffic Management (UTM) platform, in which 85% of all drones around the world have been integrated and which knows the respective regulations for 20 national airspaces. Involi has developed a sensor technology via which drones are able to capture low-altitude airspace and thereby recognize the movements of manned aircraft.

The two companies will now combine their technologies in order to produce an integrated solution, as outlined in a press release. This should facilitate safer drone usage overall, helping not only drone pilots, but the authorities and companies as well.

Involi and AirMap are both partners in Switzerland’s Swiss U-Space Implementation (SUSI) framework. With this program, the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA) intends to integrate drones into Swiss airspace more safely and more effectively. According to Involi, Switzerland is one of the foremost countries in the world in terms of supporting drone innovations.

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