Zurich - Aisot Technologies is launching a fully automated platform for active asset management. The platform is based on artificial intelligence (AI) and is a world first. Aisot has already acquired investor funds of around 2.3 million Swiss francs for its business idea.

Zurich-based fintech company Aisot Technologies is launching a fully automated platform for active asset management, according to a press release. The tool will enable asset managers to generate portfolios capable of reflecting customer preferences in stock and cryptocurrency markets at any given time. It will also use artificial intelligence to help optimize investment decisions and issue them as fully automated financial products. As well as AI, the product is also based on neuro-linguistic programming and quantitative finance.

Aisot states in its press release that the platform is a world first, and that it is the only company on the market that covers both traditional assets and the crypto space.

Aisot was set up in 2019 by experts at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETH). Since then it has raised a total of around 2.3 million Swiss francs in several rounds of financing, the most recent of which was completed in March 2023. The company will invest a significant portion of the fresh capital in its new development. According to the press release, it has recently been able to recruit talented professionals from companies such as Google and GenTwo. ce/ssp


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