Schaffhausen - Savvy Telematic Systems AG has developed an algorithm which, among other things, is able to identify defects on trains at an early stage. The company has now won first prize at the IVS Prize for Innovation of the Schaffhauser Platzbanken.

The IVS Prize for Innovation of the Schaffhauser Platzbanken was awarded on Thursday evening to three companies from the Canton of Schaffhausen, as outlined in a press release. The first prize of 10,000 Swiss francs was won by Savvy Telematic Systems AG. The company has developed a product for Wascosa which is able to automatically detect wheel flats and can be used on the railways. Savvy developed an algorithm for the freight wagon provider, which in tandem with a tracker attached to a railroad car, can identify detect wheel flats. This allows damage to be identified at an early stage.

Second place went to Georg Fischer Piping Systems AG this year. The company developed a measuring device to check for errors in welded plastic pipework, which is used, for example, in supplying ultrapure water to chip factories. The press release explains how leakages can cost millions if production processes must be halted.

The prize for third-place was awarded to STAR AG, which developed a digital assistant for use during assembly processes, for example. Assembly and operating instructions are digitized and personalized thanks to Artificial Intelligence. In this way, assembly processes should be simplified and sources of error reduced.

In his welcoming remarks at the award evening, Ernst Landolt, Head of the Cantonal Government of Schaffhausen, claimed that innovations are becoming ever more important in a world shaped by digitization and technological progress. He also underlined the innovative landscape of the Schaffhausen region.

Companies based in the economic region of Schaffhausen that have developed an innovative product, an innovative service or an innovative process, and successfully launched this on the market, can apply for the IVS Prize for Innovation of the Schaffhauser Platzbanken. This year, 21 companies submitted their innovations for judging. The award ceremony was organized by ITS – the center for industry and technology in Schaffhausen.

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