Zurich - Anapaya has secured investment totaling 6.8 million Swiss francs from SIX Fintech Ventures. Anapaya intends to use this fresh capital to further develop its SCION-based solutions and to fund international expansion plans. This internet protocol promises to deliver cybersecurity and network control.

Image credit: Adi Goldstein


Anapaya, the commercial supplier of SCION technology, has banked 6.8 million Swiss francs from its lead investor SIX Fintech Ventures. According to information from the company itself, Anapaya has helped to solve “fundamental problems of internet communication” using SCION architecture, a blockchain-based internet protocol. This eliminates any security concerns, with the rightful owners of data regaining control in the process.

“Anapaya’s SCION-based technology not only attracted our attention”, comments Maximilian Spelmeyer of SIX Fintech Ventures, “it also impressed other major companies in recent years. We regard Anapaya as a genuine turning point in the financial industry and many other sectors”.

As Anapaya explains further, the company has enjoyed rapid growth since being founded back in 2017. With this latest investment, SIX Fintech Ventures is helping to drive forward Anapaya’s international growth plans. Moreover, the company has received promises of additional investment from other prominent industry representatives, who will strengthen the company’s Board of Directors from July 2021. In addition, Anapaya is convinced that it can also successfully grow on an international basis by way of “revolutionary applications that will be launched on the market before the end of this year”.

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