In December 2016, Arth-Goldau, Schwyz, will become home to the new NEAT train station (NEAT = New Alpine Transversal Railway), where the two transport corridors North-South (Zurich – Milan) and East-West (St. Gallen – Lucerne – Basel) meet. This will result in new opportunities which the canton of Schwyz wants to capitalize on to strengthen Arth-Goldau SZ as a business location.

The area around the Arth-Goldau SZ train station offers a high degree of economic development potential, whether as the hub for a key transport junction or as a business location for companies requiring excellent accessibility to transportation infrastructure. There are various sites and industrial plots in close proximity to the train station available for targeted development.

The canton of Schwyz has declared the Arth-Goldau SZ train station area with its international connections a development nucleus and is actively supporting the location development. For this reason, the municipality of Arth SZ – the location of the NEAT train station – has launched the “Arth-Goldau SZ Train Station Area Development Nucleus” project in close collaboration with the canton of Schwyz. The project will be given intensive support from the HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil university and has the following objectives:

  • Boost the attractiveness of the train station area for companies in the commercial, services and industrial sectors
  • Increase the number of employees at the NEAT train station
  • Evaluate the effects of the transport hub on local, regional, national and international tourism and demonstrate the associated opportunities

The canton of Schwyz and the municipality of Arth SZ are looking forward to receiving the initial results towards the end of 2016.

Photocredit & Copyright: Bote der Urschweiz AG

About the author

Roman Morger is Project Manager for Business Development at the Office for Economy Canton Schwyz. The Canton Schwyz is an attractive business location for global headquarters, service companies and manufacturing enterprises. The team of the Canton’s Office for Economy is your partner for additional information and your location investment decisions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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