Dedicated autonomous robots that support busy healthcare staff? A futuristic idea that F&P Robotics turned into reality.

F&P Robotics, founded in 2014, is a Swiss pioneer in the field of personal robotics. The company's roots are at the AI lab of the University of Zurich and ETH, but nowadays the young company develops and even produces collaborative robots for healthcare, gastronomy and collaborative industrial applications in the Greater Zurich Area. F&P Robotics aims to serve and assist people to improve their quality of life with the help of personal robotics. 

Especially with the assistance robot, called Lio, the company hopes for increased demand in the future. Yet the acceptance of the robot by patients is beyond expectations. Designed as a personal character, Lio already made a couple of friends in Switzerland and abroad.  

The young and dynamic company F&P consists of international talent as well as professionals with entrepreneurial experience in the field of high-tech and robotics, whereas the team of around 50 people is interdisciplinarily educated and experienced beyond “just” robotics. This enables the high innovation which is needed for successful products in new markets.

The Greater Zurich Area is a good location for F&P to be at, not only because of its proximity to world-class universities but also because of its excellent infrastructure and access to investors, which are necessary for a developing company at the early stage.

Fachhochschule Graubünden setzt auf Innovation
The assistance robot Lio is making friends in Switzerland. (Image:F&P Robotics)



Greater Zurich Area – the Silicon Valley of Robotics

Switzerland is happy to be known as the Silicon Valley of Robotics. The Zurich economic area contributes considerably to this peak position: Its universities and technology companies belong among the world’s leaders in information science, computer vision, sensor technology and artificial intelligence. Switzerland’s traditional strengths in the fields of mechanical engineering and precision goods, known among others from the watch industry, contribute to this standing. What success story about your robotics company do you want to write from the Greater Zurich Area?

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