Zurich - BC Platforms has agreed a partnership with the Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank. The company will integrate data from the tissue bank in its digital platform. The partners are aiming to improve breast cancer treatment with this collaboration.

BC Platforms cooperating with Australian tissue bank


According to a press release, BC Platforms has agreed a collaboration with the Australian Breast Cancer Tissue Bank (ABCTB). The aim of this partnership will be to integrate ABCTB tissue sample data in the platform developed by BC Platforms, which, the press release explains, should contribute to improving therapeutic outcomes in the treatment of breast cancer.

BC Platforms is aiming to create the world’s largest healthcare and industrial platform via which the genomic and clinical data of individuals can be accessed. The company is obtaining the data for this project by agreeing a series of partnerships with global biobanks.

The ABCTB is based at the University of Sydney’s Westmead Institute for Medical Research. It has stored data pertaining to more than 10,000 tissue samples from approximately 5,000 people in addition to data on their treatment.

“Our collaboration with BC Platforms is a new pathway to facilitate worldwide access to the ABCTB resource”, comments Christine Clarke, Emeritus Professor at The University of Sydney, in the press release. This has the potential to accelerate the translation of research results into clinical practice, according to Clarke.

BC Platforms is headquartered in Zurich. According to information from the company itself, it additionally operates out of offices located in Boston, Vancouver, London and the Finnish city of Espoo.